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Parts & Equipment

Reference Electrodes

P# 20301 Universal Reference Electrode for Mercad & C-I-L Cooler (1/2" coupling)

Universal Reference Electrodes for Mercad, CIL or Monsanto Coolers. These are fabricated by Mercad and provide a superior performance.

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New Generation Cathodes


Retrofit your anodically protected  Sulphuric  Coolers with long-lasting Mercad Equipment Inc. Super Cathodes designed to be installed  without any modification of the seal assemblies and will provide many advantages.

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ANODICA™ Corrosion Control System


The Anodica™ Corrosion Control System is an open architecture concept designed to protect sulphuric acid coolers, stainless steel piping and acid storage tanks without the use of proprietary equipment.  

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Acid Seal and Cathode Components


We offer a full range of parts and equipment to support all requirements of sulphuric acid production. 

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Storage Tank Cathode Components & Water Seal Components

P# 40620 Cathode Insulator Kit

We fabricate a full line of both Storage Tank Cathode Components and Water Seal Components. 

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SureSeal™ Tube Plugging Kits



The Mercad Equipment Inc. SureSeal™ Tube Plug is the best design on the market taking about 5 minutes to plug a tube at both ends. Our tube plugs can easily be removed the same way they were installed. 

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Refurbished Anodic Protection Equipment

  We offer Refurbished Anodic Protection Equipment and Service Parts for Anotrol II Equipment, with a 1 year warranty

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Sulphuric Acid Coolers

The acid coolers that you see below are examples of units that we’ve made for our clients. We design each cooler for the specific needs of the client’s process requirements. After the design phase we produce a spec sheet and the client checks that this is the design desired. Drawings are then made and reviewed with the client for approval.

Production follows as we then have the materials ordered and the unit fabricated by our certified shop. Quality assurance is guaranteed through regular TSSA inspections as per code.

After the vessel is installed by the client, we inspect the installation and commission the cooling system. Operators and other client personnel are trained in the correct operation of the Mercad acid cooler.

Follow-up operating data reviews are made from monthly process info submitted by the client. Our aim is for our clients to have long term success through this and turnaround inspections in the future.