1452 Morgans Rd., Newcastle, Ontario, L1B 0S6, Canada


Mercad Equipment Inc

Specializing in Parts & Equipment, Consultation, Inspection & Design 

in the Sulphuric Acid Industry.

About Mercad Equipment Inc.

Mercad Equipment Inc. (MEI) is an established leader in acid cooler technology and your universal source for sulphuric acid coolers, modern anodic protection equipment, improved consumable spare parts, plus knowledgeable inspection and technical support of your existing anodically protected sulphuric acid equipment, regardless of its origin.


Mercad Equipment Inc. is a private corporation having personnel with experience dating back to 1976 with a combined work related experience of over 60 years in anodically protected sulphuric acid shell and tube heat exchangers, storage tanks and piping systems. 


MEI strives to provide outstanding customer service and our clients can attest to that.