Mailing Address: Mercad Equipment Inc.
36 Skagway Avenue, Unit 1
Toronto, Ontario M1M 3V1
Office: 416.444.4880
Fax: 416.261.2106

Mercad Equipment Inc. is a private corporation having roots dating back to 1974. Through its principals, our combined experience in sulphuric acid shell and tube heat exchangers is over 40 years. Mercad Equipment Inc. is now established as a leader in acid cooler technology and your universal source of new equipment, spare parts, inspection and emergency support of anodically protected sulphuric acid equipment, regardless of it's origin.

Mercad Equipment Inc's complete line of products and services for the sulphuric acid industry include:

  • Anodically protected shell and tube sulphuric acid coolers with innovative technology yielding increased heat exchange capacity plus maximized anodic protection.
  • PLC-controlled anodic protection systems with non-proprietary components, used for acid coolers, storage tanks and stainless steel piping. These systems can be installed either as standalone equipment or integrated with the existing DCS of the plant.
  • Supply of consumable and spare parts for every type of anodically protected acid cooler, regardless of OEM. Parts such as: extended life Super cathodes, improved reference electrodes, packing components, etc.
  • Inspection of acid coolers, storage tanks and piping for corrosion, fouling and integrity. Acid cooler inspection can be combined with our Eddy Current Testing of the tube bundle for a complete reliability assessment to minimize plant down time due to leaks. Other NDT inspections are also available.
  • Inspection and servicing of most types of anodic protection equipment, regardless of age or manufacturer. We carry spare parts in inventory including complete rescue units of anodic protection equipment that can be shipped on a 24-hour notice to any customer requiring replacement of failed equipment.

Mercad Equipment Inc.’s human resources include icons in the sulphuric acid industry, dating back 30+ years to the early days of anodic protection. Since anodically protected equipment technology is our only activity, we are a dedicated team offering the best available expertise to all our customers. Numerous clients worldwide are welcoming Mercad Equipment Inc. to provide service, maintenance and parts to preserve reliability in their sulphuric acid process.

The Mercad Equipment Inc. team is looking forward to having a long time involvement in this segment of acid plant maintenance, providing products and services of superior quality.

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